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A body of law that impacts the life of every individual, municipal law covers how town and city operations deliver various services to citizens in that area. As various areas are controlled in every municipality including public schools and the fire and police departments, the daily operations in the life of every individual is impacted. With all these things in mind, it helps to consult attorneys in this field to achieve excellent legal support in cases linked with building and construction, environmental law, economic development, financial affairs, ethics, utilities and water, litigation, municipal court operations, employment law and boundary changes, to name a few.

When it comes to municipal planning concerns, we are highly trained and experienced in handling several issues such as reviewing and drafting environmental ordinances, land use and mineral extraction, as well as in preparing drafts on comprehensive plans for zoning ordinances and requirements. We also handle employment and labor issues and arbitration, drafting and in-depth analysis of contracts, consultation and representation of clients during city council meetings.

Municipalities encounter numerous types of legal issues, in spite of the fact that community officials and groups aim to make the right decisions for the betterment of businesses and local citizens. Thus, it may help to seek the expertise and professionalism of an attorney who specializes in laws governing municipalities. Our attorneys consult with local municipal groups and departments and elected or appointed municipal leaders, which enable us to safeguard and ensure the effectiveness of policies set in place in every community.

At Bryant Emerson, LLP, you can count on our excellent customer service and performance that will meet your expectations. We also make sure that all local issues are addressed and resolved accordingly, so we can provide the quality of legal counsel that every municipality needs. The firm has represented central Oregon municipalities since its founding nearly 100 years ago. Currently we represent the cities of Redmond, Sisters, and Metolius.

To present your inquiries or set an appointment with attorneys at Bryant Emerson, LLP, give us a call or send us an email. We will respond to your concerns promptly and ensure your satisfaction from our wide range of legal services.

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